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Minors in Entertainment

ENTERTAINMENT EMPLOYMENT is defined as, "association through performance or participation with any motion picture production company, theatrical group or association, broadcasting (radio and television) or photographic modeling agency whether or not monetary remuneration is provided."

Employer Requirements
  • Complete an Application for Employment of Minors in Entertainment
  • Ensure application for each minor is legible and completed in its entirety
  • Ensure that the parent or guardian has completed and signed the appropriate portion
    of the form
  • Submit application by FAX or mail along with a copy of the script or storyboard to:
Georgia Department of Labor
Child Labor Section
148 International Blvd., N.E., Suite 700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303-1751

Phone: (404) 232-3260
FAX: (404) 232-3264
Applications shall be submitted to the Georgia Department of Labor to be received not less than five (5) working days PRIOR to the first day the minor begins work in Georgia (including rehearsals). If there is no problem, a Certificate of Consent for the Employment of Minors will be issued to the employer.

It is illegal for a minor to begin work in Georgia prior to the employer receiving Certificate of Consent.

Hours of Participation

Minors 15 years of age and under may not work or be present at a production or performance site for more than 10 hours. Such 10 hour maximum shall include at least:
  • A one-hour break for meals;
  • A one-hour rest and recreation period, if the minor is present for more than four (4) hours; and
  • Any additional breaks as may be necessary to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the minor.
Educational Requirements

When employment of minors 15 years of age and under requires absence from regular school curriculum in excess of two (2) consecutive calendar school days, an authorized tutor must be provided at the location of the production or performance. The tutor shall be provided by the production or performance company, and neither the minor, nor the minor's family, shall incur, in part or whole, the cost associated with the tutor. Each minor shall be provided at least three (3) hours of instruction per day.
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