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File Tax and Wage Reports and Make Payments
All employers who are liable for unemployment insurance (UI) must file an Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report Form DOL-4N for each quarter they are in business. The reports, and any payment due, must be filed on or before April 30th, July 31st, October 31st, and January 31st. Employers must report all wages paid to employees. However, taxes are due only on the first $9,500 per employee per year. Qualified employers may defer quarterly taxes of $5.00 or less until January 31st of the following year. Tax and wage reports may be filed using the following three methods: Internet, Magnetic Media, or by paper. Each option is detailed below.

Domestic Employers must file an Annual Tax and Wage Report for Domestic Employment, Form DOL-4A. The annual report and any payment due must be filed on or before January 31st of the following year to be considered timely.

Unemployment Insurance Tax Reporting and Liability Information for Employers (PDF)
UI Tax Refund and Overpayment Info
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Employers
Learn About Unemployment Taxes and Benefits

Resources for Filing Tax and Wage Reports and Making Payments
Application for GDOL Tax Account or Status Change - DOL 1A
View or print the Georgia Employer Status Report which is necessary to establish an unemployment insurance tax account in Georgia. (PDF)

Apply for or change an Internet password online for immediate use. A password is required for many transactions.

File Tax and Wage Reports and Make Payments online for each quarter even if no taxes are owed. A password and GDOL account number are required. Domestic Employers must file an annual report,

Make a tax payment using credit or debit cards, electronic check, or electronic funds transfer (ACH Debit). A password and GDOL account number are required.
Employer’s Quarterly Tax and Wage
Report - DOL 4N

Print the form needed to report wages, tax information, and account changes. After completion, the form must be mailed to the department. (PDF)
Electronic Media Specifications for Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Reporting - DOL 4606
Access contact information and specifications for filing electronically including by magnetic media. Employers are encouraged to use this process. (PDF)

Add, change, or delete a business address online. A password and GDOL account number are required.
Report to Add New Wages and/or Correct Reported Wages - DOL 3C
Print this form which is necessary to correct previously reported wages and/or report individuals omitted from an original Quarterly Tax and Wage Report. (PDF)

Use this link only if you have received notification from the GDOL to report wages from the most recently completed calendar quarter.
Employer Handbook
View or print an easily accessible reference to general information about the Georgia UI program. It is not intended to replace laws or regulations which govern the UI program. (PDF)
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