Job Details

Job Title:
Navigator (Non-Driver Assistant - 10PM-8AM)

Job Location:
Cartersville, Georgia

Salary to be discussed

As a navigator, you will be responsible for supporting and partnering with drivers at the Chick-fil-A Supply DistributionCenter in Cartersville, Georgia, to provide excellent delivery service to restaurants. You will help with unloading the truck,delivering and organizing food, navigation to each destination, completing delivery logs and sharing opportunities forprocess improvement. As a navigator, you will be a crucial part of a team innovating ways to better serve Chick-fil-Arrestaurants and Operators. You will report to the transportation supervisor and collaborate with the transportation team toprovide the driver with up-to-date route, schedule and delivery instructions. As the navigator, you will have the opportunityto help drive continued innovation at an operation like no other in the food service industry.Job Responsibilities and Activities - In this role, you will directly support the driver by:* Completing the pre-trip checklist and preparing equipment for safe, efficient use.* Conducting trip planning to confirm the optimal route and road conditions.* Ensuring the driver is aware of the route plan and any exceptions to the normal delivery sequence.* Helping the driver safely navigate and position the truck for deliveries.* Assisting with unloading product at Restaurants in an accurate, organized manner.* Ensuring all food safety protocols are followed during delivery, with special attention given to temperature integrity andpreventing damage and contamination.* Communicate any potential service interruptions (i.e. scheduling discrepancies or security risks) to the DC.* Ensuring mistakes are handled gracefully and professionally by executing "Remarkable Recovery".* Ensuring all product and equipment loaded on trailer is secured for transit between stops.* Organizing and maintaining control of all shipping documents throughout each delivery route.* Assisting the driver with collection of all equipment (such as carts and pallets) or product returns from Restaurants.* Performing other related duties as assigned. Business Requirements - To be successful in this role, you must:* Frequently lift up to 50 pounds; occasionally move with mechanical assistance up to 1,500 pounds.* Work in all weather conditions.* Prepare for a flexible schedule including nights, weekends, holidays and rotating shifts.* Be prepared to typically work shifts at night (e.g., from 10 p.m.-8 a.m.).* Work in a multi-temperature environment including freezer.* Communicate effectively across stakeholders including Restaurant Operators and Distribution Center staff.* Adapt to change and respond to difficult and challenging situations in a professional manner.* Manage pressure and conflicting demands; effectively prioritize tasks and workload.* Other duties as may be assigned.Customer Relations - As a navigator, you will know the needs of customers and are able to treat all parties with dignity and respectin difficult situations and maintain a positive, service-focused mindset.Benefits package available but not listed at this time.When submitting a Resume for this position, I understand that this information may be used to create a registration with the Georgia Department of Labor on Employ Georgia.#CBMB

Minimum Education: High school diploma or equivalent

Special Requirements:
Applicant Must have 2 years Commercial Transportation Clerk, Commercial Delivery or similar work experience (will require physically unloading product).
Applicant Must have High School Diploma/GED.

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