Job Details

Job Title:
Refrigeration Technician

Job Location:
Augusta, Georgia

$16.00 - $23.00

Salary Frequency:

Performs maintenance and repairs of industrial refrigeration, HVAC, boiler, water systems, and compressed air systems. Work is performed in hot, cold, and wet environments. Assist in providing a safe and healthy work environment free of all recognizable hazards. Understand and adhere to policies related to safety. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Maintenance of the following systems: water, boiler, steam, and condensation. Industrial refrigeration and HVAC equipment. Must pass fit test and physical evaluation for using SCBA or other protective devices. Accurately complete PSM documentation to assure adherence to PSM plans. Requires reading and writing skills. Must be skilled in repair of water pipes. Experience:At least 2 years Industrial refrigeration, Boiler systems, HVAC systems, Water Systems, steam, and compressed air systems. Skills, Competencies, & Other Qualifications 1. Good knowledge of NH3 and Freon systems 2. Understanding of boiler treatment and operation 3. Good troubleshooting skills 4. Safety-oriented in all operations 5. Welding #CBRC

Minimum Experience: 24 Months

Special Requirements:
Applicant Must have experience and good knowledge of NH3 and Freon (ammonia) systems.

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