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Georgia Department of Labor
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Agribusiness Information Guide (PDF)
Agribusiness Poster Requirements
Agricultural Compliance Assistance
Agricultural Employers
Age is an Asset Brochure (PDF)
Alternative Base Period Reporting
Annual Tax and Wage Report For Domestic Employment - DOL 4A (PDF)
Applicant Status Affidavit (PDF)
Application for GDOL Tax Account or Status Change - DOL 1A (PDF) - Adobe Acrobat help for Chrome and Firefox users.
Assessment Links
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Breaks and Meal Periods
Business Development for Employers
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Career Center Services for Businesses (PDF)
Career Center Services for Workers (PDF)
Career Centers
Career Exploration and Transition Assistance for Veterans
Change of Address and Contact Information
Child Labor Alcoholic Beverages
Child Labor Employment Certificate Instructions
Child Labor Entertainment Employment
Child Labor Hazardous Occupations
Child Labor Home Schooled Form (PDF)
Child Labor Law Exemptions
Child Labor Laws
Child Labor Laws and the WIA
Child Labor Minimum Age Requirements
Child Labor Summary Sheet
Child Labor Summary Sheet (Hoja De Resumen Sobre Trabajo De Menores)
Child Labor Work Hour Restrictions
Civilian Labor Force Estimates (PDF)
Claim Weekly Unemployment Benefits
Claimant Trainee Enrollment Certification (PDF)
Claimant Trainee Weekly Certification (PDF)
Cope with Change
Commissioner's Message
Cover Letters and Thank You Notes (PDF)
Credit & Budgeting Tips (PDF)

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Develop a Marketing Package

Dress for Job Success (PDF)
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Economic Information for Employers
Education and Training Information for Job Seekers
Election of Cash Deposit, Surety Bond or Securities for Employee Leasing Companies - DOL-12B (PDF)
Election of Cash Deposit, Surety Bond or Securities for Reimbursable Employers - DOL-12 (PDF)
Election to Reimburse Benefits Paid in Lieu of Contributions - DOL-11 (PDF)
Electronic Media Specifications for Quarterly Unemployment Insurance Reporting - DOL 4606 (PDF)
Employee Leasing Company Election to Report Leased Employees - DOL -11B (PDF)

Employer Handbook (PDF)
Employer Interviewing Guidelines (PDF)
Employer Job Order Request Form (PDF)
Employer Job Order Request Form - Instructions (PDF)
Employer Job Order Request Form - Sample (PDF)
Employer's Quarterly Tax and Wage Report - DOL 4N (PDF) - Adobe Acrobat help for Chrome and Firefox users.
Employing People with Disabilities
Employment Applications (PDF)
Employment Issues
Employment Laws and Rules
Employment Opportunities with GDOL
Employment Services Registration Update Form (PDF)
Equal Opportunity is the Law (PDF)
Explore Career Options
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Farmworker Advocacy
Federal Bonding Program (PDF)
File a Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claim
File an Unemployment Insurance Claim
File Partial UI Claims Information
File Tax and Wage Reports and Make Payments
Find a Job
Find Qualified Ag Workers
Following Up with Employers (PDF)
Forms and Publications, GDOL
Four Steps to a New Career (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Employers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Job Seekers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Workforce Professionals
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GDOL Career Centers
GDOL Employer Committees
GDOL Forms and Publications
GDOL Job Bank
GDOL Occupational and Job Search Publications
GDOL Rules
GDOL Service Directory
Georgia Department of Labor Jobs
Georgia Laws and Rules Regulating Employment of Children (PDF)
Get A Youth Work Permit Online
Get Information About Child Labor

Get Started
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Hiring Heroes (PDF)
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Identifying Your Skills (PDF)
Industry Information
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
Internet Job Search Strategies (PDF)
IRS Form 1099-G for UI Payments
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Job Description Tools
Job Fairs & Other Events
Job Information System (JIS)
Job Market
Job Openings in Georgia
Job Order Request
Job Search Information (PDF)
Job Seeker Guide
Jobs and Training for Veterans
Jobs with GDOL
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Keep Your Job
Keeping Your Job Brochure (PDF)
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Labor Market Information
Layoff or Closure Assistance for Employers
Layoff Survival

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Major Job and Résumé Banks
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Negotiating Your Salary (PDF)
Networking Successfully (PDF)
Nonagricultural Employment (PDF)
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Occupational Wage Information
One-Stop Centers

Organize Your Skills
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Partial Claims Filing for Employers
Personal Data Book (PDF)
Plan Your Job Search
Pocket Résumé (PDF)
Positive Attitude for Job Seekers (PDF)
Power of Attorney (PDF)
Power of Attorney - Limited (PDF)
Power of Attorney (Employee Leasing Companies) - DOL-14B (PDF)
Power of Attorney (Reimbursable Employers) - DOL-14 (PDF)
Press Releases
Professional Workforce Associations
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Recruit New Employees
Regular Unemployment Insurance
Repayment of Overpaid Benefits
Report to Add New Wages and/or Correct Reported Wages - DOL 3C (PDF)
Report UI Fraud
Request for Employers Change of Address Form (DOL-2867T) (PDF)
Required Posters
Required Workplace Posters
Resources for Job Seekers with Disabilities
Resource Guide for Job Seekers (PDF)
Résumés (PDF)
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Separation Notice - Individual - DOL 800 (PDF)
Separation Notice - Individual - Interactive DOL 800 (PDF)
Separation Notice - Mass - DOL 402 (PDF)
Separation Notice - Mass Continuation Sheet - DOL 402A (PDF)
Service Directory
Services for Veterans with Disabilities
State, Local, and Federal Government Jobs
Status of Weekly UI/EUC/TRA Payments
Statutory Surety Bond for Employee Leasing Companies - DOL-13B (PDF)
Statutory Surety Bond for Reimbursable Employers - DOL-13 (PDF)
Submit Weekly Work Search
Surviving a Layoff
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TAA Active Petitions
TAA Expired Petitions
Talk the Talk: The Interview
Tap Into the Hidden Job Market
Tax and Wage Reports
Tax Credits and Incentives
The Job Interview (PDF)
The Job Search (PDF)
Trade Adjustment Assistance
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UI Appeals Handbook (PDF)
UI Appeals Handbook (Apelaciones al Seguro de Desempleo) (PDF)
UI Claimant Handbook (PDF)
UI Claimant Handbook (Manual del reclamante Seguro de Desempleo) (PDF)
UI Debit MasterCard® - Brochure
UI Debit MasterCard® - Brochure (Folleto)
UI Debit MasterCard® - Comerica Card Terms of Use
UI Debit MasterCard® - Comerica Card Terms of Use (ajeta de Comerica Términos de uso)
UI Debit MasterCard® - FAQs
UI Debit MasterCard® - FAQs (Preguntas frecuentes)
UI Tax Refund and Overpayment Info
UI (Unemployment Insurance) Regular Claims
Unemployment Assistance
Unemployment Insurance Claims
Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims (PDF)
Unemployment Insurance Tax Reporting and Liability Information for Employers (PDF)
Unemployment Taxes and Benefits
Unemployment Rate (from Civilian Labor Force Estimates)
Upcoming Events
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Veteran Assistance and Information
Veterans' Employment Rights
Veterans' Employment Initiatives
Veterans' Resource Directory
View or Update Your Income Tax Withholding Options
View Previously Submitted Work Search Records
Vocational Rehabilitation Offices
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Weekly UI Benefits
Weekly UI Certification Form (PDF)
Weekly UI Certification Form (Formulario de certificación de UI semanales) (PDF)
Weekly Work Search Record (PDF)
Weekly Work Search Record (Búsqueda de registros semanales de trabajo) (PDF)
Weekly Work Search Requirements
Weekly Work Search Requirements Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
Why Start a Job Club? (PDF)
Work Permit - Employer's Instructions for the Online System
Work Permit - Employer's Sign On
Work Permit - Issuing Officer's Instructions for the Online System
Work Permit - Issuing Officer's Sign On
Work Permit - Minor's Instructions for the Online System
Work Permit - Minor's Sign on
Workforce Centers
Workforce Research Sources
Workforce System Development
Workplace Posters
WOTC - Reduce Your Tax Bill (PDF)
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Youth Resources
Youth Work Permit Online for Issuing Officers (user name and password required)

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