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SEB Eligibility Requirements
State Extended Benefits (SEB) Eligibility Requirements

State Extended Benefits (SEB) may be available for individuals who have exhausted all regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC), First, Second, Third and Fourth Tiers on or after February 15, 2009.

On November 6, 2009, President Obama signed into law legislation authorizing additional extended benefits. The legislation provides an expansion of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. Individuals that established a SEB claim on or before the enactment of the bill will continue to receive benefits under the SEB program. Individuals will not be eligible to receive additional EUC until SEB is exhausted.


SEB will be calculated at the lesser of either 80% of the total benefits provided by the most recent regular UI claim at the same weekly rate or 20 times the weekly benefit amount (WBA). Individuals who live in another state but have filed a Georgia claim will only be eligible for up to two weeks of SEB, if the state of residence is not in a SEB period.


Under SEB, the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) is required to classify an individual’s prospects for obtaining a job that will start within four (4) weeks as either “good” or “not good”. Classification will be determined by the answer to the following question: “Do you have a guarantee to start a job within 30 days from the date of this application?" This question appears on the on-line SEB application.

“Good Prospects” classification means that an individual has indicated he/she will start a job within 30 days from the submittal date of their application. Individuals who receive this classification will be required to meet the same work search and availability requirements each week as required on their previous claim.

“Not Good Prospects” classification means that an individual has indicated he/she will not start a job within 30 days from the submittal date of their application. Individuals who receive this classification will be required to meet the stringent SEB work search requirements listed below. They also will be expected to
apply for and accept any job if it: (1) is within their capabilities to perform; (2) pays a gross wage exceeding their weekly benefit amount (WBA); and (3) pays not less than minimum wage. This means that an individual may be required to accept work outside of their regular occupation. In order to have his/her job prospects reclassified as “good”, he/she must submit a copy of an employer’s written offer of a job that will start within four (4) weeks to his/her local career Center. Once reclassified as good”, individuals will be expected to meet the “Good Prospects” requirements.


Individuals must actively seek work for each week that SEB is claimed. A work search record should be maintained beginning the first week after the mail date shown on the SEB Monetary Determination, DOL-411SEB. Individuals must contact at least two different employers each week, Sunday through Saturday. Each contact must be made on a different day of the week.

Failure to seek work for any reason during a week claimed will result in denial and/or repayment of benefits. Denial of benefits will require individuals to return to work for at least four weeks and earn at least four times the WBA.
Individuals who are unable to meet the SEB work search requirements may choose not to claim SEB for that period and resume claiming SEB for weeks that the requirements are met.


Work search records must be submitted within four weeks from the first week after the mail date on the DOL-411SEB, reference above. Individuals have the option to submit work search contacts once a week and up to every four weeks. Individuals may submit up to four weeks of work search contacts at a time. Work search records can be submitted by the following methods:
  • Internet: An online SEB Work Search record will be available beginning June 22, 2009, through our website from the State Extended Benefits Claim Information page. The Personal Identification Number (PIN) used to file the SEB application will be required. A confirmation number will be provided after submission of each weekly SEB work search record. This information should be retained. SEB work search records previously submitted on-line may be viewed on-line by using your Social Security Number (SSN) and PIN.
  • Fax: The online SEB work search form is the only form that will be accepted when submitting by fax. The forms can be faxed to one of the following numbers: (404)525-3605, (404)525-3606 or toll free at 1-877-302-1573. DO NOT mail this form to a Career Center. All mailed forms will be returned for resubmission either by Internet or fax.

SEB Record of Work Search
This document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print. A free software download is available from the Adobe web site.

Updated November 20, 2009

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