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Georgia Department of Labor
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Access Labor Force and Unemployment Statistics
The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) collects, analyzes, and publishes a wide array of information about the state’s labor market. This information provides a snapshot of Georgia’s economy, job market, businesses, and its workforce. Data on jobs and workers, including labor force, employment and unemployment, industrial growth, occupational trends, and wage rates, are increasingly important to remaining competitive in the global marketplace.

Labor force and unemployment statistics show the general level of economic activity and utilization of labor in the state. Use this information to identify areas to look for work. Employment and unemployment estimates are produced monthly by various geographic areas including statewide, county, MSA, and in some instances, major cities. The unemployment rate and unemployment insurance initial claim information is also produced monthly.

Civilian Labor Force Estimates
Preliminary estimates and revised figures, for the total labor force, total employed, total unemployed, and percent unemployed - - statewide, by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), cities over 10,000 in population, Regional Development Center (RDC), and county. (PDF)

Unemployment Insurance Initial Claims
Monthly data on the total number of initial claims filed including previous month, previous year, and net change -- statewide, by county, and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). (PDF)
Resources for Labor Force and Unemployment Statistics
Affirmative Action Data
Census information and labor force demographic data for affirmative action plans. Information also by job and occupational group titles.
U. S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)
Forecasts, economic indicators, wages, labor force and more.
Area Labor Profiles
View comprehensive information, including industry mix, income, and occupational profiles, for each of Georgia's 159 counties and surrounding areas.
U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
Link to the agency responsible for labor economics information and statistics including wages, working conditions, productivity, inflation, spending, and the consumer price index.
Georgia Employment and Wages
Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) for the average number of establishments, monthly employment, and weekly wages for major industries. (PDF)
Nonagricultural Employment
Current Employment Statistics (CES), statewide and by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), including preliminary and revised industry figures. (PDF)
Business Employment Dynamics (BED)
Quarterly statewide private level data on gross job gains, gross job losses, number of establishments gaining and losing employment, and net change in number of establishments.
Access official statistics collected and published by more than 100 federal agencies. includes data on the economy, population, foreign trade, and more.
U. S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau
Access detailed data on population, income, poverty, housing, businesses, and industries.
Labor Market Information for Other States
Explore labor market data and information from other states.
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