The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) pays unemployment benefits to individuals determined to be eligible in accordance with Georgia's Employment Security Law. If the individual is determined at a later time to be not eligible to receive benefits, an overpayment is established and a notice of that determination is mailed to the affected party. The notice advises that repayment of benefits is required to avoid collection efforts, including legal action.

Upon your instruction, the GDOL can electronically debit or withdraw funds from your bank account to repay any overpaid benefits. Only the specific amount you indicate will be withdrawn and applied.

You must use a valid U.S. bank routing number and a valid checking or savings account drawn on a U.S. bank. International bank accounts are not accepted for online payments.

The GDOL does not charge fees for online payments; however, you are responsible for any fees your financial institution may impose upon you for the actual transfer of funds.

Requirements for making online payments:

  • You must have a valid email address. You should create one before you start. Access a list of web sites to create a free email account. The GDOL does not sell or disclose email addresses to third parties.

  • To make a payment, you must create a User ID and password. If you already have an account, enter your User ID and Password to login.

  • When creating your user account, choose a User ID and password you can easily remember and others cannot easily guess. Be sure to record your User ID and password in a safe location and keep them confidential.

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